Lockdown poem…..

Hello, PL’s.

Now you know me by now. I always resist contemporary issues, even when they’re looking at me in the face! Always leaning towards nostalgic poetry.

However, I couldn’t resist posting Sharron Green’s two great poems. So descriptive, observational, and beautifully put. Thank you Sharron.

Lockdown Days

Lockdown meant plans were suspended

Countless hopes and dreams upended

Videos and cartoons trended

Some offended! Some offended!

Pretty soon the days all blended

Walls were painted, gardens tended

Many things were made or mended

Neighbours friended! Neighbours friended!

Sharron Green @rhymes_n_roses

It’s all about Face

Not long ago our faces could be bare

And we could enter shops without a care

Now entrances to shops instruct ‘take care’

And bare-faced patrons are subject to glares

So staff admonish customers with glares

(Although they’re mask exempt when stacking wares)

Some claim they have forgot, are unawares

But there’s the chance to stock up on spares

For different outfits now I keep some spares

(A tip would be to buy mask-maker shares)

It’s best to keep masks clean and avoid shares

In order to suppress all Covid scares

It’s only since the dawn of Covid scares

Not long ago our faces could be bare

Sharron Green rhymes_n_roses

Find out more about Sharron on her lovely website


Weren’t they just great?! Dobby and I really loved hearing those. Thank you, Sharron.

Tune in same time, same channel for another Memory Corner (I think….)

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