Memory Corner!

Yes, Poetry Lover’s, we’ve returned to our precious corner.

This time I want to go back to 5th March 2019 to a magical evening in Cranleigh, Surrey.

This was an amazing night of poetry organised by the lovely Donall and Janice AKA Dempsey & Windle. Set in the stunning Cranleigh Arts Centre, and filled with performers of the same standard.

Donall and Janice above in action. The third image is some poet or other. Looks shifty, if you ask me!

I read from my new pamphlet (at the time). There were featured readers like me, then there was open-mic. A wonderful atmosphere that uncovered so much talent.

An extraordinarily impressive group here. From left is Ian McLachlan, (who brought the house down), wonderful clever Belinda Singleton, the vibrant Donall, Moi, site favourite Trisha Broomfield, and the unique Ray Poole. Thank you for that night, Demspey & Windle, and for the memories.

Wasn’t that fun?! I hope these memories bring us faith that these iconic poetry readings will take place again soon. We’ll make nice new memories some day……….

Thanks for tuning in, see you soon, same time, same channel………

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