Shoes of Glass

Hello, PL’s. Yes, it’s time for another magic poem by the lovely and talented Trisha Broomfield.

Shoes of Glass blew me away, and I really want to share Trisha’s poem with you. Thank you for that, Trisha. I hope I’ve done it justice.

Shoes of Glass

The dress was gold

split to the thigh

plunging to the navel,

on her feet

shoes of glass

in the back of the cab

she sat smirking,

smoothed on red lips,

at the party

all eyes would be on her

she paid and tipped from a

glitter purse

her six inch heels spiked

the steps,

red fingernail on the bell,

she allowed a tilted smile

all eyes would be on her

in the hall mirror, grooming

her reflection

she touched her hair

and turned

to join the party,

guests gazed

all eyes on her,

then the perfumed crowd

gasping, parted

revealing her host, wearing

a dress of gold split to

the thigh

plunging to the navel,

on his feet,

shoes of glass.

The drre

Isn’t that a wonderful piece?! So much detail and anticipation.

Thank you so much, Trisha. We look forward to another very soon.

Okay, Poetry Lovers, next post will be a hot interview with the stunning poet, Ray Pool. So get your tickets booked for the talk show now!

The BBC begged me to record it in their top studio but I laughed in their face(s), and will be holding it in my mate’s shed as usual. I’ve just got to get those lights set up!

Tune in, same time, same channel…..

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