Poetry Reading at Bell House

Yes, Poetry Lovers! You read it correctly, I actually did a Live reading of my work! How we took that for granted, and just when I was resigning myself to the loneliness of Zoom, something came right up.

My lovely friend and talented poet, Jenny Mitchell, invited me to read in a five minute spot in the gardens at the beautiful Bell House in Dulwich Village. Ooh, that’s a beautiful place.

Lumme! I was so nervous but the audience and fellow poets were lovely and supportive.

I look a bit troubled in these pictures, but I really was having a great time. Didn’t learn the two poems, I never read from paper normally! I’ve got to shape up!

A real joy to hear such impressive poetry from wonderful and talented people. I think we were all apprehensive reading live again, but it was nice we were in it together!

It was a great and unforgettable afternoon. Thank you, Bell House, particularly to the lovely volunteer who took these pictures. Most of all, thank you, Jenny.

Jenny Mitchell is a joint winner of the Geoff Stevens Memorial Poetry Prize (Indigo Dreams), and her pamphlet, Her Lost Language, is out now. A moving and powerful collection, and a joy to read.

Available from http://www.indigodreams.co.uk or old-fashioned Amazon.

Thanks for tuning in, the next post is another Memory Corner, so I’m revving up that DeLorean now! Same time, Same channel

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