Memory Corner

Hello, Poetry Lovers, I have taken you once more to Memory Corner, and this time the DeLorean car is set for 11th November 2018.

Who could forget such an occasion? An amazing commemoration indeed.

A great concept co-createdby the remarkable Anne Warrington, (on my right), this performance contained memories, poetry and songs from that poignant and tragic era.

On the far left, we have the clever poet, Greg Freeman, next to him is the late and talented Bob Sheed. Now I don’t know why Bob is taking my arm like that, as if he is going to take me to the nearest Cop shop, but I mean, bless him.

On my far right is the enigmatic and dapper Kevin Taggerty. We miss you, Kevin.

We had a magnificent cast, including Heather Montford, Greg Freeman, Madeline Smith and Robert Gillespie. All reading such poignant material. Sitting there at the back is the other creator, John Crook, who also did a magnificent job.

Above is the lovely Linda dressed as a Tommy, and I’m reading Jessie Pope’s The Call.

Thank you for this wonderful memory. I hope we all get together again.

The time machine has brought us back to the present, and I have to take the DeLorean into Kwik Fit so I’ll be bringing the Reliant next time.

Tune in, same time, same channel

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2 thoughts on “Memory Corner

  1. Heather, you are wonderful. You really do make a good publicity officer.

    I’m seeing Paul this week. He suggested that when we kick off again on October 4th we live-stream it through facebook. Apparently, we can do that through an i-phone? He suggested that we purchase a special stand to hold the i-phone to avoid the problems that sometime occur when a person is holding the i-phone. I’m for all giving it a go.

    How would you feel about the two of us hosting together poetry performance on 4th?

    Love Anne x

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