Memory Corner!

Hello PL’s, welcome back to our popular feature. Here I am just walking into the Memory Corner now, after going to Pricerite. Bloody Delorean’s got a puncture so I had to bus it here! I was so delighted to find these photos from 3rd December 2018. I was honoured to be invited to be featuredContinue reading “Memory Corner!”

Memory Corner

Hello, Poetry Lovers, I have taken you once more to Memory Corner, and this time the DeLorean car is set for 11th November 2018. Who could forget such an occasion? An amazing commemoration indeed. A great concept co-createdby the remarkable Anne Warrington, (on my right), this performance contained memories, poetry and songs from that poignantContinue reading “Memory Corner”

The Memory Corner

This is a picture of me walking into The Memory Corner, where I recall times past. When we could be in a room full of people and poets! I expect most of us took this for granted! This is me reading ‘The Call’ by Jessie Pope at A Commemoration of the Armistice Centenary of theContinue reading “The Memory Corner”