Memory Corner!

Hello PL’s, welcome back to our popular feature.

Here I am just walking into the Memory Corner now, after going to Pricerite. Bloody Delorean’s got a puncture so I had to bus it here!

I was so delighted to find these photos from 3rd December 2018.

I was honoured to be invited to be featured poet at Donall and Janice’s wonderful 1000 Monkeys in Guildford. Set in a beautiful pub called the Keep.

How I remember the lovely Christmas feel and the vibrant atmosphere there. Especially after two Gin and Tonics! My, they serve big ones in there! So I admit I was nervous but once I got behind that stand, the World was mine!

I don’t know what it is, but everytime I’m photographed reading poetry, there seems to be no audience at all! I swear there were people present – honestly!

I used my Beano notebook because ‘Bunty I Miss You’ had yet to get off the press. In a way, that made it more exciting, the anticipation of being published. So I worked that Beano notebook very hard.

Thank you Donall and Janice for giving me such wonderful memories and taking a chance on me. The audience seemed pleased so hopefully I delivered.

Let’s pray those days will come back soooon…..

Tune in again for another interview!! Book your tickets now!! Same time, same channel ….

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