The Second Stain

Greetings, Poetry Lovers! Intriguing title eh? Certainly got me looking!

This is the title of another beauty, penned by the lovely and talented Trisha Broomfield. Bringing back the memory that we’ve all been to school with someone like this, a classmate who outgrows us very quickly……

Read on

The Second Stain

She’d missed double maths,

no surprise, we thought she’d be skiving

off somewhere,

during needlework, she reappeared

brittle blonde newly backcombed

frosted fudge lipstick overdone

a languid look in her smoky eyes

a glint of knowing, a hint of,

don’t dare ask,

suddenly she was older than us

her clothes, pulled on in haste

bunched odd buttons together

but it wasn’t that

nor the fact that someone had seen her

lying flat in the graveyard grass

a biker beside her

it was the stain the shape of a


on the front of her white blouse

with a matching one,

a second stain

dark like Coca Cola

on the back

Trisha Broomfield

I’ve tagged a nice glamorous one of Trisha on the end here as a Thank You. Wasn’t that a joy? Keep them coming, Trisha.

Thanks for looking in, PL’s. Don’t touch that dial because we have an interview with the enigmatic and amazing Math Jones coming up… get queuing! Same time, same channel….

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