Film III

Hello PL’s Welcome back to the last part in the trilogy of films and fleapits.

I have penned something below. Now, don’t faint, but I have actually attempted to rhyme!

This is my frustrated tribute to the X Film. Who can tell me, in a certain era, they hadn’t had a shiver of anticipation at that tiny X sitting under a film title?!

Of course, once you become a legitimate age, the allure dims. But for most of us in early adolescence, it was all we dreamt of!

X Film

Oh X film, you’re brutal and unkind

Big girls getting in, hiding behind

So many young men, barely of age

There’s a girl from my class! This is an outrage

What goes on on that big screen?

While I stand out here cold and green?

That little X smugly sitting square

Under alluring bold titles there

While I’m watching Herbie at the Fleapit

Constantly stuck with an A certificate

I’m dreaming of those other four walls

Where usherettes smooth down their overalls

Before preparing the lighted ice cream tray

For people witnessing mysterious depravity

I storm off home in a frustrated stew

Before watching excerpts on Film ’72

HM 2020

Wasn’t that a hoot?! I think that’s the end of my current obsession, but never say never!

Tune in same time, same channel…….

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