Gosh September, where have you gone?! Has lockdown made you fly away so quickly? And why are you hot now?!

I always think of September as the start of the new year. I suppose this was because we always went back to school then.

Somehow I expect it to turn colder on the very first day. I suppose the prospect of going back to school immediately put a chill on things. The most boring of summers was still preferable to actually doing that.

Anyway, I’ve penned an acrostic poem as a tribute to September 2020.


Shed looks a bit of a state – but have you seen the price of them?!

Embracing the autumn air – as much as you can in 29 degrees!

Packing away summer bedding and clothes – only to get them back out again quickly!

There used to be proper autumns! Russet skies and leaves falling.

Embers of summer memories – holidays cancelled and overspending in Tesco!

Muted sounds as children go back to school – good bloody riddance!

Bollocks to this! I’ve got to wash out my face mask again!

Evening time and the sky darkens swiftly – an end to another day of being stuck indoors.

Remember when there were proper autumns?

What’s on Netflix?

Now, PL’s, if you have any less foul-mouthed recollections of September 2020, do send them in. My contact form is now working.

Thank you for watching, Poetry Lovers, and let’s hope October cools down a bit……. Tune in same time, same channel…..

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