Zooming ………

Lumme, Poetry Lovers! So much Zoom going on at the moment….

Had a wonderful poetry Zoom last Thursday with Write Out Loud – then a breather till Sunday!

Then on Sunday at 4 pm, I watched Live from the Butchery hosted by the wonderful Martin Figura. Tip top readers!

Then our very own Virtual Poetry Performance straight afterwards, featuring the magnificent Math Jones…..

Followed by a detailed review the next day, typed up by Dobby….

Then on Tuesday night, it was virtual Poetry with the 1,000 Monkeys aka Donall & Janice………

Phew! The following night was also Dempsey & Windle, and I read at a poetry collection launch by the gifted and clever Ranald Barnicot…….

Phew! I’m getting square eyes. Reminds me of watching too much telly! (Didn’t our Mum’s warn us about that!) So a bit of a rest from that.

Zoom still isn’t really welcome, it’s still regarded with mistrust, but it is a way of keeping us together and our art alive!

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. Dobby and I will be back for more poetry shenanigans real soon……..

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