Lockdown – the Good Side

Hello Poetry Lovers

Now don’t faint! I am actually addressing a contemporary issue instead of looking back as usual. You can hardly avoid these current times and lockdown, but I’ve made a bloomin’ good attempt!

For this issue, however, I will embrace it – or at least the wonderful poet Trisha Broomfield will. Fantastic Lockdown piece, showing us all the positive side of this unique and bizarre era. Fabulous reading.

Here’s a portrait of the poet herself, Trisha.

So, read on for this very personal and detailed poem….

Who and what got me through Lockdown

That jolly poet/artist Heather

those cheery girls from fab Bucks Leather

chatting with my dear chum Kirsty

countless cups of dark strong tea,

recording my own poetry.

Modelling clothes in my back yard

was fun, not even vaguely hard.

Zooming verse that was so new,

reading mine for all to view.

Walking very early, daily

greeting other walkers gaily

growing carrots, spuds and beans

living in my oldest jeans.

Live chats with my dearest sis

from my hubby, hugs and kiss(es)

that got me through.

Writing stories about people who

like me were caged in, in a zoo,

yoga helped to keep me supple,

the gift of living in a bubble.

Making soup in great big vats

talking to the neighbour’s cats,

watching calm Professor Whitty,

not giving in to much self-pity.

Reading chapters, stories, verse

from writer friends, who’re not averse

to editing the ones I send

suggestions of what I should amend,

Painting, sketching reading crime

scrubbing at the household grime.

Meeting Celia for coffee

who was fed up, bored as me,

we were brave and sat outside

gave others a berth quite wide.

Clapping for the NHS

eating chocolate to excess,

phoning friends from far and wide

knowing we’re on the self same side.

Sitting in my pal’s green acres

breathing countryside and spaces.

Gifts of eggs, more mugs of tea

beeswax from some local bees,

making face creams, in job lots

coming out in big red spots.

All of the above and more

have seen me through this viral chore.

Trisha Broomfield 2020

Wasn’t that just amazing?

Hands up who have embraced these things! I know I have. Not so hot on scrubbing household grime though – nor have I attempted soup for some years (my vegetable attempt was not to die for!). Otherwise, Trisha’s account struck a tender chord. Any other lockdown poems welcome.

Bless you, Trisha, thank you so much.

That’s all we’ve got time for, PL’s. I want to see those Lockdown poems flooding in….

Tune in for more poetry antics, same time, same channel……

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