Yellow Socks…

Hello, PL’s.

I would like to come back to our recent theme on laundry – or simply washing as most people refer to it. It’s a burden we carry and what better way to express that than through poetry (and sketches)?!

The lovely and clever poet Trisha Broomfield has risen to my recent challenge of inviting further poems on washing, and this piece is emotional, colourful and reflective.

A lovely poem Trisha, well done. Read on….

Yellow Socks

She pegged her washing to the line

one careful garment at a time

green with grey,

black with blue

but the yellow socks

threw her.

She could not peg them

with green or grey

and next to black they looked like wasps.

Yellow and blue,

everyone knew

were opposites,

like her

and the man

whose yellow socks

she washed.

Trisha Broomfield 2020

Wasn’t that just fabulous reading? Terrific, Trisha. Thank you.

The challenge is still there, PL’s, if you have a piece on laundry or using our everyday appliances. The glove is still thrown down.

Do write in….. Tune in soon for more poetry projects…….

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