Advent Calender – Window 2

Hello Poetry Lovers

Welcome to Window 2 – now here’s where the fun really begins. Yesterday, I opened up a poet I completely didn’t know and today…

A poet I know very well, and adore his work. I’ve had the privilege of seeing the lovely Matthew Paul perform at Woking and The Troubadour, and I rushed out and got his wonderful collection The Evening Entertainment. If you haven’t already, do get this for a treat.

There are three very strong sections of gritty and clever pieces in this collection, including The Sewing Kit, Sunday at the Oval with Dad to the very moving The D Word. My own favourites are Leaving Do and Winter of Discontent.

Matthew covers so much of life as we know it, and yet it is seen in such an original and insightful way. Taking you there with him from the quirky and witty to the genuinely heartwrenching.

Can’t wait for the next collection, Matthew – get cracking!

The Evening Entertainment by Matthew Paul is published by Eyewear Publishing.

Phew! Me and Dobby are exhausted already! Only another 22 to go! (24 looks a bit dubious). Stay tuned for the next window….

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