Poetry Advent window 3

Hello Poetry Lovers

This is also a collection that I know well. This beautiful anthology by Dempsey & Windle from their summer competition this year is a complete joy. These publishers produce such stunning poetry books that really do deliver a high standard of material. This anthology is no exception.

Now there is a very promising, if ruthless poet in this book with the longlisted poem Pen Friend, so it really is worth a look! And this writer is joined by so many incredible poets. Including the winner Belinda Singleton with three very intelligent poems, plus all me favourites, including Trisha Broomfield, Greg Freeman, Sharron Green, Jeremy Loynes, Carla Scarano, Fiona Sinclair, Audrey Arden-Jones and the lovely two Marys –

Muir and Mullholland.

A delightful and fulfilling read. Get cracking and order a copy!


Well, Dobby and I are retiring for the night. Tune in same time, same place tomorrow for Window number 4!

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