Advent Calender – Window 4

Hello Poetry Lovers, welcome back to day 4 of the poetry advent calender.

Now, the previous two windows I knew very well, but we are back to a collection I don’t know at all. In fact, I’m going to be deeply honest with you, I have no idea how this book even came into my possession

However, I’m very glad it did – by whatever means.

Samantha Boarer’s Real Grown-Up Women is brutal, sad, deeply honest, moving and so so enticing. Poems of sad and painful experiences will deal you such a blow – a welcome one.

The poet truly tells you like it is to be a young woman. Published by Burning Eye Books, Apology to my vagina, the title poem and Facebook Stalker are of such deep black humour that you can only embrace it. Though you may cut yourself in the process!

A comedian/poet from the West Country that delivers a powerful punch. Get reading now!

Speaking of brutal, Dobby has just emerged!

Better go…. see you tomorrow!

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