Advent Calender – window 5…

Hello Poetry Lovers, Window 5 eh? It’s moving along! And I’m so glad to feature Tales of the Unaccepted by the wonderful Ray Pool.

What can I say?! Witty, quirky with a unique voice, I have been enjoying young Ray’s poems for a couple of years. I was thrilled to get my mitts on this collection. Published by Dempsey & Windle in 2018, this collection is packed with vibrant material.

My own personal favourites are Mum and Dad, Down Memory Lane, Corners and On the other side of Reading. Great stanzas with outright wit, tangible wistfulness and nostalgia. A joy of a collection. We’re waiting for the next one, Ray!!

I did an interview with Ray recently on the site, if you want to have a look. Fascinating….

Lumme! Even Dobby enjoyed that review! Better keep on the good side of her – see you tomorrow, PL’s.

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