Poetry Advent Calender – window 6

Welcome to window 6 of the poetry advent calender, PL’s.

Now I swooned over this poet in Guildford and Cranleigh, and I was thrilled I could buy this copy from the man himself. This being Ian McLachlan, a superb and intelligent poet.

This wry pamphlet, Confronting the Danger of Art, illustrated by Phil Cooper, is extraordinarily clever. Issuing a safety manual to warn the public of the harzards of art and artists. Divided into three hilarious sections – threat assessment, health & saftety and criminal detection – we can be protected against this terrible thing!

A really witty notion. Keep it with you at all times!

Ian also took some very good poetry classes at Wembley Library last year. Hopefully these can be resurrected soon. Worth going along, I got a lot out of it.

Well, is this going from strength to strength or what?!

Stay tuned for poetry advent calender window 7! See you tomorrow.

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