Poetry Advent Calender – window 7

Hello PL’s

Welcome to day 7 of the poetry advent calender. I am delighted to open the window to Ex Situ by the wonderful M. E. Muir, a poet I have come to love and have the pleasure of knowing.

I was swept away by this elegant collection bound by the fetching blue cover. The simplicity of it is so striking and works well with content that truly delivers. Published by the great Dempsey & Windle, this is a definite find!

Vivid and sensitive, there are three significant sections – Listen, Next and Celebrate. These poems have such a definitive love of nature and places. Extraordinarily well voiced with real environmental issues and concerns, and pieces that are conveyed with passion. My International Family of Trees and In Loch na Droma Buidhe are my personal favourites.

Treat yourself. Available from http://dempseyandwindle.com

I hope you enjoyed that one, Poetry Lovers. Now it’s off to cater to Dobby’s every whim!

See you tomorrow for window 8!!

One thought on “Poetry Advent Calender – window 7

  1. Name: memuir

    Email: memuir21@gmail.com

    Website: http://memuir.wordpress.com

    Message: Wow Heather – that’s a stunning and hugely appreciated review of my EX SITU, and I am so happy you chose those two poems as your favourites.
    We really missed you at our outdoor spaced out elevenses yesterday, but at least you avoided being just about frozen stiff.
    See you again soon, and as ever, I so love reading your work which goes from strenth to strength.
    M E Muir


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