Memory Corner – Chip’s Speakeasy

Hello, Poetry Lovers, I was engulfed by a quick memory, which I’ll share with you before going on with the poetry advent calender…..

Now I’ve got to stop getting so emotional about these memory corners. I simply took them on board early in lockdown – but now they bring a lump to my throat.

These are good times remembered, not good times lost. I have to realise that. Hands up who’s found this later lockdown harder!

Anyway, me mate’s got her Reliant up and running, so hop in for memory corner – this time it’s 16th December 2019. Chip’s Speakeasy at Mortimer House.

We were on the top floor in this amazing sunken room in this sumptuous central London location. These images don’t really do it justice but it was an incredible square space. The wonderful and innovative Chip Martin is sitting there, who brought all this magical experience about. Amazing man and poet.

This is Chip on the left. A talented and enigmatic American young man, there’s moi in the centre – such a splendid balcony, and the last is me with the cheeky and stunning Dino Mahoney. A great poet – try and hear his work (I know… I know…).

However, the following picture is closest to my heart ….

Well, what can I say about these heroes? They’ve been life-changing to me. Directly in the front, leaning on Dino’s knee is the stunning Angus Strachan. A handsome Australian brimming with wonderful words and talent. This follows on with Dino next to me, then the beautiful, stunning poet, Barney and his lovely, lovely partner Gianni. Angus and Barney founded Soho Poets (along with that brilliant Mark Chamberlain who couldn’t be there) – what an institution!

Anyway, I read my poem The Queue, and the lovely Polly Bull and other great poets read fantastic pieces. What a night that was.

Forgive me, I can’t show that photo enough.

Well, I can see Dobby’s bored so I’d best be off. Lets hope more of those nights will come.

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s, poetry advent — see below for window 8 of the poetry advent calender….

A wonderful and brutal pamphlet from V Press – get reading….!

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