Poetry Advent Calender – window 10

Hello Poetry Lovers, window 10!! Not bad going – eh? I had all sorts of technical problems yesterday but today we have opened the window to a beauty.

As you know, Patric Cunnane runs the wonderful DoDo Modern Poets above the King & Queen pub in the West End. I’ve known great afternoons of poetry there. So I jumped at the chance of buying Patric’s enigmatic The Ghost of Franz Kafka, published by Palewell Press in 2018. The distinctive style is disturbing, sharp, clever and humorous. I particularly love Keys, No More Superheroes and When You Hang a Poet.

However, one of my absolute favourite poems of all time is The Old Office. It reflects our offices of yesteryear with the reek of fags and fry-ups and being paid in a brown envelope. So many memories overwhelmed me that my eyes misted up. I was such a part of that structure once. An era that’s gone forever. Poignant to the point of painful.

Thank you for that, Patric, miss you and Peter so much. Let’s hope we get those afternoons back soon.

However, DoDo Poets do a great live webpage every month. Have a look, some good recordings of poets on there



Great window! Think I’m going to have to lie down after that!

I see Dobby’s just walked in, so I’d better sign off. Tune in same time, same place tomorrow.

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