Poetry Advent Calender – window 12

Hello Poetry Lovers! Window 12!

Everything was wiped away from my laptop but we may just make it to the end…….

And what can I say about this poet? And Family Values?

When I saw Wendy Cope at The Richmond Literature Festival in 2016, poetry was a new door for me then and I’d only tentatively pushed it open.  After seeing Wendy, I went through that door and didn’t look back.

Wendy Cope’s work is endearing, deceptively gentle with an underlying steel grip.  I like that she writes about everyday things that are right under our noses, and makes such valid points. Her observations are sharp, witty and very British and though tending to be middle class, the poet takes a stand on this. A great example is my favourite Uncle Bill – poignant, sweet and sad.    

Get on the case now!

One of my favourites there. Tune in tomorrow for Advent Window 13 for something completely different!

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