Poetry Advent Calender – window 13

Hello Poetry Lovers,

Welcome to window 13 –

And what can I say about this great collection called Boring The Arse Off Young People by the wonderful Martin Figura. Published by Nasty Little Press in 2010, this is the first poetry book I ever bought. And off the great man himself! At the Roundhouse

I suppose I’ve seen Martin Figura a few times now and he just gets better…. However, I never forget the very first time on a freezing November night upstairs at the Fox pub in Twickenham – now a restaurant!!

Despite being miserable about working a rugby match the next day, Martin and his ‘gang’, including the marvelous Luke Wright, opened my eyes to a whole new world of vibrant words and performance. Who would have thought I’d be penning these things myself six years later…?

So, Boring The Arse Off Young People is razor sharp, witty, so so poignant and clever. My favourite is (The Trouble With) Middle-aged People which incorporates the unforgettable title of the book.

Martin at the moment does wonderful Zoom poetry on the first Sunday of every month, called Live from The Butchery with wonderful readers. It’s on Facebook – so like their page now!

Well, PL’s, I hope you enjoyed that impartial mini-review. Tune in tomorrow, same time, same channel for more advent action! Thanks for stopping by…….

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