Test Card

Hello Poetry Lovers

Computer absolutely shot. Lost my pictures, everything. So today, Instead of window 14, you’re getting a test card.

Many of us here will remember the excitement of a test card on TV – especially the little girl with a blackboard on BBC2. So I’m going to take you back down memory lane and give you a poetry one.

Dobby’s ideal mistress
The reality

Thank you for watching, Poetry Lovers. What you have to do is put some groovy music in the background and sit there and watch it for a few hours before a programme comes on…..

Luckily, I have window 15 in the draft section, so tune in tomorrow – same time, same channel

2 thoughts on “Test Card

  1. What a fantastic photograph of you as a young girl: very striking.

    Sorry to hear news about computer, test card OK.
    Look forward to listening to you today.

    Love Anne xxx

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