Memory Corner

Hello Poetry Lovers

I could not resist a quick memory corner with this poet, as we have an interview with him coming up very soon.

Was it really 4th March 2019 that the lovely Eddie Chauncy came to read for us?! A featured poet at the Adelaide, it was an unforgettable night as Eddie blew us away with his wonderful work.

Swooning over Eddie’s work at Guildford and Woking, we were overjoyed when Eddie agreed to feature for us at the Adelaide.

The air was charged that night as Eddie read from his pamphlet he made to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support. You could really hear a pin drop!

The poems ranging from 2014-2018 included clever pieces such as Telling The Time, Prams And Smiles and the incredible and moving MMM. A painful and so personal account of his late sister in the last stages of her life. The emotion and poignancy was palpable.

What a great night of talent that was! Eddie is here with moi, the late Bob Sheed and Anne Warrington. We hope you can come back soon, Eddie.

Meanwhile, look out for an interview with this great poet, coming up very shortly. Book your tickets now!!!!

Thank you so much for tuning, PL’s. A Happy New Year to you.

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