The Night Before Christmas

Hello Poetry Lovers

I hope your Christmas was good.

Swooned over this poem by clever poet Trisha Broomfield who captures the era of our Off Licence’s, many long gone. Unbelievably, we still have one in Twickenham, standing proud with its good quality ales and ciders amongst the Costa’s and Tesco Metro’s.

However, most of us can recall when they were commonplace, and our visits there on cold dark nights, especially Christmas ones as Trisha recalls.

I remember marvelling that they could stay open late where the sweet shop next door had to shut at 6.30. An ideal place to buy 10 fags before the disco.

Anyway, thank you for this memory, Trisha. Read on…..

The Night Before Christmas

It was dark

frost freckled the pavement

my breath puffed clouds of winter cold,

Christmas Eve carried romantic notions

and a lighted star shone from the Off Licence.

The bell tinkled, as I pushed the door

bright yellow warmth greeted my red-nosed face

the aroma of recently drawn corks, wooden casks and cigars embraced me.

Maxi coat collar up, hair tucked into a knitted lime scarf

I was a long-legged girl from Jackie

my reflection in the mirror tiles told a different story.

I picked up a bottle of Blue Nun

lost myself in the blue of your eyes

then as you pressed your keys on the till,

I wished on the bright star that you would ask me out

that I would find something witty to say apart from ‘Yes’,

your eyes lingered only on my change as you handed it over

before you disappeared with my dreams

into the back of the shop.

Trisha Broomfield 26.12.2020

Wasn’t that a wonderful piece?! Memories of being tongue-tied with hunky shop assistants also flood back. Although in my seventies Off Licence, it was some rather grumpy woman who mumbled. Well, you couldn’t have it all. Bless you and thank you, Trisha, keep them coming…….

Tune in soon, PL’s, for some more poetry antics and an interview coming very soon….

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