The Christmas Party..

Seasons Greetings, Poetry Lovers

Nearly Christmas Eve, eh? Always the most exciting day really…. I’ve got strong childhood memories of Mum making these sausage rolls and a burnt Christmas cake. Of course I touched neither because they were vile, but the aroma of that magical night, and anticipation of Christmas day and what it promised…..

Well, we all have our childhood Christmas memories. Perhaps that’s why Christmas Day falls a bit flat in adulthood. We expect the magic of our childhood to reappear.

Anyway, this poem I dug out from The Book of a Thousand Poems for the Young and Very Young (1970) reflects the Christmas I always wanted to have …..

The Christmas Party

We’re going to have a party

And a lovely Christmas tea,

And flags and lighted candles

Upon the Christmas Tree!

And silver balls and lanterns,

Tied on with golden string,

Will hide among the branches

By little bells that ring.

And then there will be crackers

And caps and hats and toys,

A Christmas cake and presents

For all the girls and boys.

With dancing, games and laughter,

With music, songs and fun,

We’ll make our Christmas Party

A joy for everyone!

Adeline White

Wasn’t that fun? I’ve no idea what year that was written but it captures the joy of Christmas childhoods and the magic we all saw then.

A very happy Christmas, Poetry Lovers, I’ll be back real soon …….

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