Return of the Poetry Basket

Hello Poetry Lovers

Today we welcome back our poetry basket with another ripping review inside. Today it is Viral Odes, a collection of pandemic poetry by the prolific Sharron Green. A great and relevant collection – so keep reading….

Viral Odes by Sharron Green

This new and anticipated collection from prolific poet Sharron Green greets us with a stunning cover and image. Beautifully presented with the subtitle Pandemic Poems – a souvenir of a unique year. Well, it certainly has been and Sharron captures everything from this strange era from every emotion, to confronting the deep efffects and impact COVID has had on our lives. It’s a versatile collection that faces up to this unwelcome intruder.

Divided into three strong sections, Part One is The Longest Journey with pieces such as Addressing Fear, which borders on the sinister, to a Coronavirus Nursery Rhyme being very detailed and humorous. They Can’t Cancel Spring is defiantly and strongly worded, and there’s real poignancy in Missing Mum’s Day. Doug the Destroyer conveys the joy of a new arrival, yet it is not rosy, Sharron doesn’t spare us the upheaval! However, we read from the subtext that it is all worth it.

A Stoic’s View (a Rondeau), besides being a good strong piece, it emphasises the variations of the poet’s style and art.

Part Two – Beneath the Surface stays consistent and comes over in so many clever forms. The title poem is gritty, and The Farewell Thief is angry, painful and confrontational. Corona Stay In – an acrostic and meostitch is simply skilfull. I love the vivid sonnet The Death of Flowers, and Finding Myself is a great insight on a human situation. The humour of Poltergeist Heist shows us that you can smile in the face of COVID.

Part Three is A Tight Predicament carried along with visually beautiful images. My personal favourites are A Tight Predicament, It’s all about Face, (a clever duplex) and the wistful When we were More. The latter is very descriptive. An Unwelcome Guest – a strambotto that sums up 2020 in clear detail. The reader will love these varied forms and optimism, ending with the apt climax LIving with Death in the Garden, a clever version of a blue sonnet.

Don’t let Viral Odes get away, published by Ink Gladiators, it’s an amazing journey.

Visit Sharron Green on

Thank you, Sharron, that was a corker of a collection.

Thank you for tuning in, Poetry Lovers, our first Christmas together is looming. Seasons Greetings to you all

2 thoughts on “Return of the Poetry Basket

  1. Thank-you Heather for this wonderful review! I am thrilled that you enjoyed the collection – it sums up a strange Spring and Summer- little did we know that we’d be in lockdown again for Christmas! Viral Odes is on Amazon Kindle (free Unlimited) with paperback coming soon. Thanks for your wonderful support πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

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