New Year past and present….

Happy New Year, Poetry Lovers – or is it?! This is such a bizarre era that we enter into another year with trepidation. So there’s only one solution- go back to the Seventies, where we would have chortled at the mere concept of wearing a mask. How that would have interfered with our fags andContinue reading “New Year past and present….”

Return of the Poetry Basket

Hello Poetry Lovers Today we welcome back our poetry basket with another ripping review inside. Today it is Viral Odes, a collection of pandemic poetry by the prolific Sharron Green. A great and relevant collection – so keep reading…. Viral Odes by Sharron Green This new and anticipated collection from prolific poet Sharron Green greetsContinue reading “Return of the Poetry Basket”

Face to Face…

Hello Poetry Lovers Now I do believe Face to Face was a programme in the ‘60s with a velvet voiced John Freeman. I’ve only ever seen one where he talks to Tony Hancock. Well, I think Mr Freeman would have approved of our own Face to Face session with the wonderful Sharron Green on Sunday.Continue reading “Face to Face…”


Starring Sharron Green…… Hello Poetry Lovers! And welcome back to the Talk Show. (rapturous applause) Yes, it’s been a while I know, but absolutely worth waiting for! I am so proud to introduce our lovely and esteemed guest for today – Sharron Green (standing ovation – security on standby) (the lovely Sharron Green wafts gracefullyContinue reading “Interview….!”