Memory Corner

Hello Poetry Lovers,

I could not resist a quick memory corner on this dull dull day. Jump in the DeLorean, and we’ll go back to 5th May 2019.

Seat belts on now!

I’ll always treasure the memory of being made feature poet for Poetry Performance at the Adelaide. This is me being interviewed by the amazing Anne Warrington, co-founder of this great institution.

Now, why does it always look like no-one’s present when I’m reading poetry? Every picture looks like I’m the only attendee! I promise you there were other people and poets present!

On that magic evening, I read seven poems, including The Walk Home, Teatime and Joyce. I was drained afterwards. Although it is a lovely experience and one I’d recommend, it is exhausting being featured poet.

Now, don’t ask me what I’m doing in the first picture. I’m obviously expressing something! And the middle image looks like Anne and I are about to sing a duet, like in the Val Doonican show! However, it was a marvellous in-depth interview and a great atmosphere.

What also meant a lot to me was the support of my lovely pals. The first picture is of the two Mary’s, Kathryn, moi, Heidi and the lovely Richard Mabe, who is a powerful poet. Missing you, Richard.

Phew! Enjoyed that quick memory burst! Thank you for indulging me, PL’s.

Now jump back in that DeLorean now, as I need it to drop me off at Tesco!

Stay tuned for more poetry antics.

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