Disco III

Hello Poetry Lovers,

I’ve jumped right in the deep end and posted a third instalment about the golden age of Disco.

This comes from wonderful poet Trisha Broomfield’s perspective, and a sharp and astute one it is too. One is reminded of different aspects of disco and how much violence and rivalry was a common occurrence.

Thank you, Trisha. Sold gold, beautifully described, and features earrings I’ve always wanted to wear …..

Op Art Earrings

Op art earrings

Flushed faces

acne flaring

fists flying

hormones raging

the fearsome fight

of two boys being men.

Voices breaking

sharp toes jabbing shins

and softer places,

shirt tails free

and buttons tearing

the awkward arms and legs

of two boys being men

One girl, white boots

disco dress, black eyes,

fag askew in fudge brown lips

Op art earrings

backcombed beehive standing stiff

ultraviolet light makes

bra straps white.

Amused, bemused,

now chews a pearl pink nail

turns unbothered back

on two boyfriends being men.

Trisha Broomfield

Wasn’t that wonderful? Weren’t we back in that strobed blackness again? Our underwear fluorescent under ultra-violent for all the world to see? Hormones raging, as Trisha puts it so well. Thank you so much for that.

Thanks for tuning, PL’s. I’m going for a Disco IV, but I’ll put a quick memory corner in first. Stay tuned…..

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