Disco II

Hello PL’s,

I’ve decided to stick to the Disco theme – or rather the misery of Disco. They weren’t great for everybody. Especially when you went with older cousins, who were stuck with you for the week!

Ooh, they were long holidays staying with her. My Cousin made me as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit!

Anyway, I’ve penned this one, have a read…….

The Summer of Hate

My older cousin would throw me

an indifferent glance as we moved

from disco to disco.

I sat and watched her dance with one

youth after another.

I asked people the time simply to pass it.

Girls in their midi’s and hot pants

made me shrink into my dotted halter neck.

I got a sympathy dance from someone’s

boyfriend, and my cousin hooted around

the arcade that I’d never been out with a boy!

My red face matched her fluorescent pink blusher!

I sigh – not everyone can strut around the disco like her.

It was going to be a long week’s holiday.

This truly was a Summer of Hate.

H Moulson 2021

There you are, PL’s, not every summer was idyllic -and don’t get me started on her coming at Christmas!!

And of course, any Disco memories you may have are welcome. Especially terrible ones!

Tune in soon, Poetry Lovers, and thanks for reading…..

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