My Heart…..

Hello Poetry Lovers,

I’ve abandoned preparing the poem I was going to show you originally. Shame, because I’d illustrated it too! As we all know, sometimes these things just don’t work.

So, as a substitute, I’ve put a set exercise on here. I didn’t expect to get into it as much as I did. I simply regarded it as smelly homework. I’ve been enjoying an online course from Morley College in Beginner’s Poetry, because in one way, I’m not a beginner but in another way I am. So I’ve been having a marvie time with this so far. Though I dozed a bit through John Donne and Keats….

Anyway, we were prompted with ‘My heart turned into a ..’. So I chose a fish, natch. Love fish so much. Well, here it is….

Fish Heart

My heart turned into a fish, which was strange

because I couldn’t actually swim.

I nearly drowned as a child, my brother pulled

me out the water by my ponytail.

I’ve never forgotten that helplessness.

That loss of control. It visited me at night.

Yet, my scales were so sensuous,

my gills moved in a rhythm I have never known.

I no longer had a word for air and daylight.

I only saw a submerged green, and

algae was my only friend.

Because now, I had so many enemies.

I would live in fear, always on my guard.

It wasn’t too late, I could still return to land.

yet I still swum away.

Spooky eh, poetry lovers? What would your heart be ? Let me know …….

Thanks for tuning in, we’ll be back real soon….

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