Heart II

Hello Poetry Lovers,

Welcome to part II of what our hearts could become. Not only is Trisha Broomfield talented and prolific, she is also a genius! Because Trisha has come up trumps with her version of what her heart could become. Chocolate is involved, which is almost as hazardous as being a fish really – both of us with a strong chance of being eaten. So we are sisters living in fear for our lives!

It’s a great piece, read on

Chocolate Lips.

My heart turned into

a white chocolate slab

heavy like they used to be

in the days of the Milky Bar Kid.

My boobs are squares of milky white

my dress, no trousers now,

a fetching red with cream

an alluring look,

but walking is tricky

double hopping sack race style

is now the norm.

But I will never crave again

Just like my chocolate lips!

Trisha Broomfield 2021

Well done, Trisha. A truly spontaneous and alluring piece. However, I will think twice about eating white chocolate now. I’m sure you’ll be likewise with fish….

Thanks for tuning in, Poetry Lovers, we’ll be back for more poetry shenanigans real soon…..

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