Heart and Wardrobe

Hello PL’s,

Now, I’ve had two challenges for my heart and wardrobe themes, and they’re both such good poems…….

The first is the Heart affair, Sharron Green has offered up a super piece of her having the heart of a butterfly. It’s so beautiful – do read on…

My Heart would be a Butterfly

My heart would be a butterfly

and I would flutter softly by

socialising with each flower

relishing my happy hour

rhymes_n_roses 2021

Wasn’t that so lovely and tender? Thank you, Sharron. I had great fun illustrating this vivid poem, having never drawn flowers and butterflies before. So an extra thank you for opening up that world to me.

I’ve had super fun illustrating the next challenge too – the Wardrobe poem from the wonderful Trisha Broomfield

A poignant and moving piece, do read on

Wardrobe Blues

They’re all in there, partying without me

the cream Lauren Bacall trousers

swishing away to the blues,

the equally swishy Margo Leadbetter jumpsuit

the red dress with a waist,

bought when I thought I had one,

all unworn because the occasion for occasion wear

never came.

Knee deep below

the handbags bought to match

who knows what,

the heels essential to keep the swishy trousers

from tripping me up.

There’s the hat, a one off Philip Treacy

so special it’s still in its silver box

the occasions now limited to pulling the wheelie bin

to the end of the drive

and meeting the fish delivery masked man.

In my dreams I am Lauren Bacall

and Margo Leadbetter

while my wardrobe rocks with the sound of the blues and laughter.

Trisha Broomfield 02.02.2021

Wasn’t that just beautiful? And its very wistfulness will resonate with a lot of us. So come on, you poets, get those wardrobes open…. Thank you so much for that, Trisha. Lovely piece

Thank you both, in fact, to the lovely poets Sharron Green and Trisha Broomfield.

Tune in real soon, PL’s, there’s gonna be an interview……….

7 thoughts on “Heart and Wardrobe

  1. Coat hangers queue like question marks
    waiting for answers –
    asking why they have no shoulders to cry on,
    no clothes to rely on.

    Now we are orphaned on a dead rail,
    where have those people gone
    to leave us lonely so?

    Liked by 1 person

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