The Slagg’s Cafe

Hello Poetry Lovers.

Welcome to the Slagg’s Cafe – our new regular feature.

As you can see from the picture above, there are already poetry readings featured at this classy establishment.

Plus a bone fide home-cooked menu:

Watery own-brand instant coffee.

Slab of meat pie (meal deal).

Tea with three sugars.

Verbal abuse from Mrs Slagg (waiting list).

Black Forest Gateau.

Rules: No horseplay, smoking compulsory, Vegans tolerated.

I think this is all fair play really.

Now Mrs Slagg don’t really hold with fancy book learning poetry as a rule. However, I managed to talk her round. I got the great lady to see her way around Nonet poetry – a great fun form. 9 syllables, then 8, then 7 etc..

Here’s an example what I have penned:

Mrs Brown doesn’t remember my name

but she remembers Jill’s who draws

any picture like a dream and

will get pinned to the wall

I tear it right down

I get walloped

but I have

the last


H M 2020

Mrs Slagg particularly likes this one because it has violence in – and a whiff of misery.

So come on, you pie lovers. A Nonet poem will get you a slot at Chez Slagg’s – and if you’re not famous there, you’re not famous anywhere!

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. Remember to get scribbling. Next instalment is the Poetry Wardrobe challenge…….

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