Wardrobe III

Well, another of our lovely Poetry Lovers has accepted my Poetry Wardrobe challenge – the wonderful and enigmatic Ray Pool

Or Ray of the Pools as our mutual friend Donall Dempsey would say. You may also recall that I had the pleasure of interviewing Ray on my talk show last year. One I will cherish.

Anyway, it’s a cracking piece – do read on…..

Coat hangers queue like question marks waiting for answers –

asking why they have no shoulders to cry


no clothes to rely on.

Now we are orphaned on a dead rail,

where have those people gone

to leave us lonely so?

Ray Pool 2021

Wasn’t that the most?! Keep ‘em coming, Ray. Thank you so much

Thanks so much for tuning in, PL’s. Would you believe we have a Nonet poem from Dobby coming up!

Be excited, be very excited…

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