Dobby does Nonet

Hello Poetry Lovers,

After Dobby’s miserable encounter with Keats, I’ve persuaded her to write a nonet poem for Mrs Slagg. In return for (canned) sardines at the back of her pantry

Anyway, read on – it’s untitled

Give me food, preferably sardines

No, I’m not going to ask nicely!

I want that fish right away!

Or I’ll claw the carpet.

Again. What a bore!

I’m gonna sleep

on your bed

so fish

Now !

Dobby’s original piece Bollocks and F*** Off! was kind of scrapped, even though Mrs Slagg adored it!

But we had to consider the church crowd who frequent the cafe after the Sunday service.

Now, Dobby’s had a go, it’s your turn! Get them rolling in!

2 thoughts on “Dobby does Nonet

  1. That is fabulous! Dobby is a poet too!

    How’s this…

    ‘C hez Slagg’s a dive!’ on Trip Advisor ‘H ateful service’ , ‘disgusting food’ ‘E vil cow’ , ‘we despise her’ ‘Z ero stars – she’s just rude’

    S omehow, we poets L ove it madly A nd we so G ladly G o

    Have a lovely day Sharron xx


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