Mrs Slagg’s Poetry Hour

Hello Poetry Lovers Welcome to the Poetry hour – well, five minutes really. Mrs Slagg is holding auditions for her open mic poetry spots. So first, we have a lovely and vivid nonet from the stunning Trisha Broomfield Followed by a haiku from the amazing Anne Warrington. Firstly we have Trisha’s piece Nonet Sunshine shinesContinue reading “Mrs Slagg’s Poetry Hour”

Dobby does Nonet

Hello Poetry Lovers, After Dobby’s miserable encounter with Keats, I’ve persuaded her to write a nonet poem for Mrs Slagg. In return for (canned) sardines at the back of her pantry Anyway, read on – it’s untitled Give me food, preferably sardines No, I’m not going to ask nicely! I want that fish right away!Continue reading “Dobby does Nonet”