Mrs Slagg’s Poetry Hour

Hello Poetry Lovers Welcome to the Poetry hour – well, five minutes really. Mrs Slagg is holding auditions for her open mic poetry spots. So first, we have a lovely and vivid nonet from the stunning Trisha Broomfield Followed by a haiku from the amazing Anne Warrington. Firstly we have Trisha’s piece Nonet Sunshine shinesContinue reading “Mrs Slagg’s Poetry Hour”

Dobby Claws her Way Into Haiku

HELLO, POETRY LOVERS. WHAT’S THAT, DOBBY? YOU’VE DONE SOME HAIKU? AND ILLUSTRRATED IT? FABULOUS! SHALL WE TAKE A LOOK?! A GREAT EFFORT, DOBBY. READ ON AND ENJOY……. Embraced by the dawn I wake up to the new day cat jumps on the bed A windy wash day underwear pegged and drying bird craps on theContinue reading “Dobby Claws her Way Into Haiku”


Welcome to our long awaited interview with the lovely Christine Eales, a strong and passionate lover of haiku and talented poet. (Rapturous applause) Now, I’ve given the poor woman a barrage of questions, and each one, Christine has answered brilliantly. Now sit back and enjoy the ride!! (A ripple of anticipation from the audience) TakeContinue reading “Interview!!”

The Zoom Affair

Well, the Zoom poetry evening was a great success. Apprehensions of not reading poetry for three months melted away, as I saw familiar faces on the Write Out Loud screen. We were all in the same boat. Unnerved by not hearing myself speak, and that dreaded Mute button, I ploughed on anyway. Memories of liveContinue reading “The Zoom Affair”