More Cat Action…..

Hello Poetry Lovers

Yes, we’re back to my favourite subject – Cats.

Clever and talented poet Trisha Broomfield has written a beautiful nonet and tanka on our feline pals, and put over their personality with skill.

Thank you so much, Trisha. Please keep them coming. Read on to enjoy these clever pieces ;

Cat Nonet



thinks unseen,

soft pads slowly

sinking into grass,

believes birds unaware

cat breathes, pausing, life on edge,

blackbird, alarm call, all awakes.

cat feigns nonchalance, silent spell breaks.

Trisha Broomfield 2023

Cat Tanka

Cat wakes and stretches

a warm night spent on cushions

twitches his whiskers

long-limbed looks for birds to catch

up above blue tits hatch.


Weren’t they just stunning pieces, PL’s. Thank you again, Trisha (and Perry).

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s, we’ll be back with more poetry action real soon…..

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