Blackout Poem

Hello Poetry Lovers

Today we look at the Blackout poem. Thanks to a prompt from Surrey New Writers Festival, I took on this daunting task. For the uninitiated, you have to find an article or piece of about 500 words, and select 30 to 40 words

Like so, as they used to say on the TV. It can be quite fiddly. So I selected 30 words from Matt Rudd’s column in The Sunday Times magazine. Then listed them all and composed some sort of logical piece.

The idea is that they can summarise the original piece, or present a counter-argument. Not sure if I’ve done either but it’s been fun trying.

Easter   Choirboy

Vicar   Desired   God 

Sin   Forgiveness 

Woolworth   Pilfered  Sweet

Bonfire    Spreadsheet 

Pearly gates  Absolute  Hell 


Religion  Concluded  Childhood 

Christian   Reason 

Seventh  Day

Death  Nothingness  Eternity 

Kinder    Neighbour 

Magical  Comforting 


H Moulson 2023

Phew! Another form learnt. Now, PL’s, there’s a blackout poem in your soul – don’t argue – and I would love to see them. Cheers to Surrey New Writer’s Festival for opening another door to me

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back real soon……

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