Back on the Train…

Hello Poetry Lovers

No, I’m not back on the train yet but I wanted to return to this fascinating subject.

The DeLorean has pulled up, so get in for late 1977 and see what my life was like when I worked for six months at High Holborn. (Forgive the perm! They really were the way to go then).

Train Journey ‘77

I powdered my face before the 8.01.

Lipstick applied by the time we reached London Fields.

Liverpool Street toilets had a big mirror

where I would darken my lashes and

spread tawny brown over my eyelids.

Twenty pence tube fare to High Holborn

or a bus at half the price.

Going past Holborn Viaduct, my pal and colleague

Theresa would yawn at the bus stop.

Before I realised she wasn’t my friend at all,

a painful lesson of people putting themselves first.

Her lipstick was bright red, mine was a deep chilli.

A coffee and fag before sorting dockets.

I didn’t have to touch my face for the rest of the day.

Well, betrayal and beauty tips in one nostalgic train journey. Life lessons are painful but the make up softened the blow. Incidentally, this passed muster with Mrs Slagg Just one whiff of pain……

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. Keep watching for more poetry antics.

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