Memory Corner….

Happy Easter, Poetry Lovers. Two days away from those chocolate eggs……..

However, put them aside for now, and get in the DeLorean as we drive to 18th March 2019 for a fabulous Dempsey & Windle launch at The Poetry Cafe.

I would say 2019 was definitely my year as a poet and that this was the swinging start

This is my wonderful and first pamphlet, Bunty, I miss you!

I was so proud as my lovely friends came to support me, and I was happy to share my poetry with them….

The ambience in that small arena was palpable and everyone rooted for each other. Among the other pamphlets being launched was the talented David Cooke and his absorbing ‘Reel to Reel’ collection.

I was very proud to have my first pamphlet published by Dempsey & Windle AKA the fabulous Donall and wonderful Jan.

They’re very select about the work they accept, so I felt very privileged. The joy of having your work published is something hard to describe for the uninitiated, but it’s such a unique sense of achievement.

Thank you so much for that memory.

Right you lot! Back in that DeLorean. There’s lawns to mow, and dusting to be done. Not to mention defleaing the cat. Where is Dobby??

Whoops! I can see she’s getting away! Put that accelerator down!

Tune in soon for more poetry antics …….

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