The Handbag

Hello Poetry Lovers

Today, I’m going to feature a (very loose) sonnet called Handbag. A vital part of our lives, and the things we share with it.

Now, I realise women poets will identify with this more than you men, however, I believe man bags are all the go now, so you can still be drawn in.


Today my handbag is lime green,

a subscription gift from My Weekly.

My first ever one was cream coloured,

with an elegant long chain.

Bought for twenty shillings at a local shop.

I can still smell the leather emporium.

Luxurious, expensive and my only visit.

The bag contained my Mum’s old lipstick

At eleven, there was nothing else to put in it.

I once had a fiddly clutch bag that I

danced around at the disco, holding

pound notes for the cab fare home.

When this one goes, I’ll replace it

with a Happy Shopper bag.

Heather Moulson 2021

I hope you liked that short piece, PL’s. It can be an absorbing subject as we put half our world in these things. So personal and intimate. Any bag pieces, do send them along…

Thanks for tuning in, Poetry Lovers. We’ll be back real soon……

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