My Agent

Hello Poetry Lovers,

Isn’t this an intriguing title?! And don’t we all dream of having a hot agent routing for us? I always imagine them to have big cigars and tied to two (proper) phones like Robert Evans or Lou Grade. And in my case, shake my hand at the end of a performance giving me their gilt-edged card.

So, the lovely and talented poet, Trisha Broomfield has penned a beautiful piece called My Agent. Our complete ideal of a classy representation. Do read on

My Agent

My agent will be tall and dark

My agent will have flair

Like John Steed he’ll be special

Be smooth and debonair.

My agent will be courteous

My agent will be rare

Like Illya Kuryakin (although he was blonde)

He’ll have amazing hair

My agent will be stoic

Be brave and do or dare

And much like Simon Templar

Disarm with just a stare

My agent will be handsome

He’ll seemingly not care

Resembling 007

A sardonic smile he’ll wear

He won’t be Austin Powers

He won’t appear all bare

He won’t be Johnny English

My goodness what a pair

She may be Marta Hari

Or Cathy Gale so fair

whoever will be quite convinced

I am the new Voltaire!

Trisha Broomfield 2021

Wasn’t that just a dream piece?! And the core of our fantasies. And Illya Kuryakin! Wasn’t he wonderful?!

Well, hold on in there, we could still be discovered by these golden people.

Thank you so much, Trisha. A wonderful poem.

Tune in real soon, PL’s, where we’ll have the return of the Poetry Basket and a hot review.

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