The Return of the Poetry Basket….

Isn’t it great to see The Poetry Basket return?! And don’t you love looking in it? Well, today it contains Outside In, a wonderful new pamphlet from talented poet Polly Bull. And we know what comes next, don’t we? A review of this intriguing collection… read on…

Outside In by Polly Bull

Well, I’ve come across an exciting new publishing label called Wordville.

A promising press to look out for.  Not only that, Wordville has brought out a vibrant collection from talented poet, Polly Bull. 

 I have had the privilege of seeing Polly perform at Celine’s Salon and Chip Martin’s Speakeasy. An insightful experience and highly recommended.  

Titled Outside In, this classily designed book gives us an elegant collection of twenty poems. In memory of the poet’s father,  we’re taken into the intimacy of family life. Greeted by Cheese Course, a sharp and detailed picture of family rituals.  These are tableau moments that we all look back on, and the poet has clearly put this over.  

My personal favourite is Senseless, because we truly see a child’s perspective and loneliness of parents being absent. Inside Outside, is a thoughtful reflection of family and eternal memories.  We are drawn into the natural atmosphere of this piece.  

Bedsit Belongings is absorbing due to the vivid detail and things we accumulate and live with and barely regard. The last line I yearn for the sound of other people coming home strikes a painful chord of loneliness. 

Falling Awake is full of irresistible images, with the alluring tinge of optimism.  Unkind Flowers, a four lined piece that says volumes in its subtext, moves us with its edginess.

There is a poignant tribute to Olive Sabina Gifford Bull that draws us into mothers, grandparents and the talents and abilities that die out with our loved ones. Yet they can be so painfully recalled.   Extraordinarily moving. Details such as the loud, clackety typewriter and the kudos of a detached house are to be treasured.

A sincere and moving collection tightly worded in an elegant book. Seriously worth a look.

Treat yourself to Polly’s collection now – available from and

I hope you enjoyed the Poetry Basket’s reappearance, tune in soon for more poetry antics…….

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