Surrey New Writer’s Festival…

Hello Poetry Lovers

I am so excited about this event next weekend. Fabulous guests and masterclasses, plus taster sessions like Teaching Your Character to Talk, and An Introduction to Short Form Poetry. There is a talk by poet and playwright, Nikita Gill, among many other treats. All classy material.

The lovely poet Sharron Green is also organising this great event. Look Sharron up on

These are some of the wonderful things being featured;

I’m looking forward to Ruth Brandt and the open mic session on Sunday night, where I’m doing a 5 minute spot.

For more information and tickets go to Or look them up on Facebook or Instagram. Or Sharron Green on rhymes_n_roses.

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. I hope to see you at the Festival.

We’ll be back with some poetry antics real soon…..

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