Dobby’s Poem….

Hello, Poetry Lovers

well, the lovely poet Sharron Green has written a beautiful acrostic for a certain feline we know as Dobby. It’s a lovely thoughtful piece, thank you so much, Sharron. Do read on


Daintiest lady, poised and petite

Only accepts the best fish to eat

Black satin fur that shines in the sun

Bewitching eyes convey so much fun

You’re lucky that Heather’s your mum

Isn’t that a lovely piece? It’s also passed muster with Mrs Slagg, who, despite her formidable front, is mad on cats.

Hopefully, Dobby will agree with the last line although she’s yet to show any gratitude.

Look at more of Sharron’s lovely poems on Really worth a look.

Thanks for tuning in, PL’s. We’ll be back soon with more poetry antics ……

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