Funny Poems…

Hello, Poetry Lovers

Today I’m presenting a humorous verse that actually rhymes. This form is not big with me but I thought it a nice pre-vaccine thing to do, (second jab tomorrow), and it might make Mrs Slagg smile, you never know. The poem, not the vaccine.

Do read on ….

Lacy Economics

I thought I knew your face,

I remember now who you are.

You had a red spotted tie,

and I wore a pink laced bra.

I recall the feel of your lips

upon my unsuspecting skin.

You asked me to lend you money,

and in your wallet you put it in.

I was bereft when you left me and

I ached all over for your touch.

My heart and purse went with you,

I want one of them back very much.

Hand it over, you tight bastard,

do Paypal or write a cheque.

Then I can walk away with pride,

without wringing your neck.

Gulp! Will this pass the Slagg’s audition? Will it appeal to Mrs Slagg? Who knows??

Thanks for tuning in, Poetry Lovers. I’ve got more poetry forms up my sleeve, same time, same channel….

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